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EJ Kevin Genius

EJ Kevin Genius

Meet East Jock Kevin Genius, born Samuel Duffus on december 1st 1973 to parents Alicia Howell and Samuel Duffus Senior. He was born in Spanish Town where he attended Spanish Town High School and moved to St.Thomas in 1988.

His musical influence came from listening and being around his father’s old record collection; that consisted of many different genres of music. Samuel junior at a tender age always observed other dj’s as he gained more experience from playing his father’s old vinyl and cassettes on an old set his father had at the time. He started out playing Vinyl locally at age (15) fifteen at Mackies International Sound, this was where his official career as a dj/selector began.

Kevin made a name for himself by playing at different clubs, bars and other functions as he became more popular participating in “sound clash” at the time. He is now a Selector/dj and Producer who started his own music fraternity called Musical Riot in 2011 where he collaborated and worked with many top artists.

Kevin Genius now plays at one of the best radio stations in Jamaica; East 96.7 FM. His philosophy is that playing music is all about mood and he defines his playing style with those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without realizing regardless of the genre, tempo, style or release date. (more…)


6:00 am 10:00 am