(Photo Credit -Philafrenzy – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Notwithstanding a last minute ruling from the Court of Appeal, a chartered flight with 17 people on board has left to Jamaica.

25 people were temporarily rescued from deportation due to the court ruling, however the UK government will be appealing the decision. Before the ruling, 50 people were expected to be on the flight.

The group of 50 people consists of people who came to the United Kingdom as children. Also there are concerns that many of these individuals have not had proper access to legal advice.

According to Downing Street, the 17 deported had accumulated sentences of 75 years for various offences including rape, violent offences, firearms possession, and drug dealing.

However Tottenham MP David Lammy has stated that, while the government is painting the picture that everyone deported were violent criminals, many of those scheduled for deportation had committed non-violent one time drug offences.

It has even been alleged that members of the Windrush generation are among those deported. The Windrush generation comprises of British subjects, particularly from the Caribbean, who arrived in the UK before 1973. The UK government has denied those allegations.