A businesswoman had to be hospitalized today after being shot at her residence in Duhaney Pen this morning.

Police have reported that a mask wearing man entered her yard asking for her husband. Reportedly, the businesswoman questioned the man as to why he wanted to talk to her husband.

A businesswoman remains hospitalised after being shot at her house in Duhaney Pen this morning.

The police report that about 8:20, a man, who was wearing a mask, entered her yard and asked for her husband.

The businesswoman, who was standing behind a door to her premises, reportedly asked the man why he wanted to speak with her husband. The man in response said that he was there on behalf of someone else.

After the businesswoman indicated that her husband was not present at home, an additional verbal exchange took place and it is reported that the man pulled a gun and shot the businesswoman in her lower body and shoulder.

She had to be taken to the hospital as a result of the shooting.