Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and many people in Jamaica. In the morning two police officers lost their lives and two others were seriously injured during a police operation at a residence in Horizon Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine in which they encountered heavily armed men. The incident represents the most deadly attack against security forces in recent times. Leaders of both major political parties in Jamaica expressed shock at the incident and their support for the police force.

In response to the incident Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson stated that the Jamaica Constabulary Force would be unrelenting in pursuit of the criminals who attacked the team of police officers.

Less than 12 hours later with leads from the crime scene and intelligence from the public, the main suspect 39-year-old Damion Hamilton, a deportee, was located by the police in Cooreville Gardens, Kingston, St. Andrew. Reports are that a shoot out occurred, during the operation to capture Damion Hamilton, and he was shot dead. Another police officer was injured in the incident that lead to the demise of the alleged cop killer.

Police continue the search for others suspected to be involved in the fatal shooting of the police officers.

It has been reported that Damion Hamilton served in the United States Marines Corps and was deployed in the Gulf War.

The events that transpired yesterday indicate that the JCF faces new challenges in dealing with criminals who are better trained and resourced than criminals of past generations; and who create unusual situations by residing in communities normally considered to be upscale and safe.