On Friday May 1, 2020, East 96 FM is proud to have been associated with “Meals on Wheels” Program which is an initiative of the Kiwanis Club of St. Thomas.

The aim of the program is to provide a cooked meal for members of the Yallahs community that are unable to provide for themselves on a daily basis. Members of the club prepared the meals and created packages with refreshments, which were delivered to various individuals in need. Individuals who received assistance were vetted through a selection process conducted by members of the club and also church correspondents.

In this edition of the initiative, the “meals on wheels” evolved into much more than a one day activity. The members of the club have observed the devastating effect that the corona-virus (COVID 19) pandemic has had on the normal functions of life of certain disadvantaged members of the Yallahs Community. In response funds were collected from persons within the club, independent sponsors and also donations from the Food for the poor organization.

These funds were used to purchase basic items such as tissue and tooth paste. The items were then placed into seventy (70) care packages. The care packages were coupled with sixty (60) meals and beverage refreshments which were distributed within the districts of Yallahs. Those districts included Heartease, Norris, Islington, Woodburn, Grants Pen, Albion, Baptist, Spring Pass and Pondside.

The group from Kiwanis consisted of seven members and two volunteers. The names of the club members are as follows; President Remayla Campbell, President elect Kimberley Cummings, Secretary Stacy-Ann Fisher, Directors Latoya Ogilvie, Annika Carr, club members Raschia Campbell and Vannesha James. Volunteers included Mr. Kermitt Fearweather of the Yallahs baptist church and Mr. Mark Latham a friend of the President elect Kimberley Cummings.

The initiative was welcomed by the members of various communities and it was clear that the group enjoyed the spirit of giving. All in all the initiative placed a smile on the faces of both the givers and receivers.

The Kiwanis club of St. Thomas has been established for over forty years. The meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month. The president has express the club’s willingness to partner with other organizations on this and other initiatives; and East 96 Fm fully endorses this initiative.

Contributor: Martin Henriques